Saturday, October 20

Wet N Windy

Odometer: 10,569
Location: Cambridge, MA
States Visited: Connecticut, Massachusetts

One more brief note about Rutgers. One group of young alumni noticed I wasn’t wearing a red shirt. They were appalled. Immediately, they began passing the hat to take up a collection for me to purchase one. They demanded a picture appear in this space proving said purchase. I haven’t had any photos of myself here on the blog, and am enjoying keeping up the mystery. But since I promised, here’s a shot of me and the shirt with some mystery preserved, Cowbell Commander style.Getting out of New York wasn’t so bad, but I was immediately reminded of what a difficult time it is to go north through Connecticut. The roads are windy, and always jammed with traffic. Accidents are frequent and with no shoulder often bring traffic flow to a standstill. I couldn’t help but think of prior journeys, every one of them met with brake lights and curse words. Combine that with a torrential downpour, and five hours of sleep (thanks Rutgers!), and you’ve got a pretty arduous trip. The vibrantly colored trees adorning rolling hills were only so beautiful thanks to the rain. Perhaps on the return, I can ogle the scenery a bit more. I arrived in Boston to find it totally jammed with people. It’s always that way, but with the Head of the Charles going on, it was especially crowded. I spent a summer in Boston many years ago, and I can’t help but reminisce of days with a hearty liver and no disposable income. After a good piece of fish, and a healthy portion of ice cream, we hit the karaoke bar where I butchered Kings of Leon, The Beatles, and Franz Ferdinand. Now it’s off to Harvard Stadium to see how the smartypants do it!


Future_RU_MLB said...


As a Rutgers season ticket holder, and soon to be player, I can tell you that though the bus ride at the end of the game is long, we, as fans, cherish it. 10 years ago, there was nothing of this sort, when instead of 40,000 in the stands we were lucky to draw 4,000. Success is worth waiting in line for, and you can bet that the winning trend is something no Rutgers fan would want to give up just to beat the traffic. Enjoyed your article greatly on SIonCampus. Please come back to RU again! And hopefully, you'll be lucky enough to not hear Bon Jovi again. Click the link to read about, well, Yourself and Rutgers.

Beat Visitor


Dags said...

Glad we managed to scrounge up enough money to help you buy the shirt. If nothing less about the RU Screw: it builds character. Even if that means walking back to the next campus like on Saturday after the Pitt game because we know it's faster than the buses.

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