Friday, November 9

Ohio State Tailgate Report up at SIOC

Ohio State Tailgate Report Card is up at SI On Campus and can be found here. Will Brutus be happy with his grades? Feel free to leave comments.

Also, a late-arriving photo from a stop at Essen Haus in Madison, as some of you are concerned that I'm not having enough fun on this trip:
Technically poor form by me, but tasty either way


Anonymous said...

ugh. I went to the UM-OSU game there last year. While I had an amazing time with 75% of the people I encountered, the other 25% were just brutal. And it's that 25% that makes the collective whole the WORST tailgaters in the country. Ask any Texas fan who went to Columbus in 2006. Ask anyone who has ever worn maize OR blue just strolling around. You can't walk 50 feet without beer getting poured on you. A guy that I just met basically described the worst experience of his Canadian-born life as being a UM fan at last year's OSU-UM game. Literally, the police made him leave the tailgate area he was in during the late minutes of the 3rd quarter because of "how ugly this is about to get" for him.

I'll never go back, and they'd want it no other way. Buckeye tailgaters (in most cases we're not talking about alumni here) truly believe in territory and enemies. Mob rule takes precedence over police rule at that point, which has no place in a civilized society.

Dom D

Anonymous said...

You look like an extra from beerfest. "Twist the boot".

OSU tailgaiting ... well they have a mightly big stadium. How many silver and red pick-ups did you count?

Doug D

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