Thursday, June 5

Fight Songs Are Cool

Still working on that next "Looking Back" posting, but I had to share this video. It's nothing necessarily profound or dramatic. Just one fan's top ten fight songs with some game photos. But since I visited all of theses schools and heard the songs played again and again and again, it stirs something visceral in me when I hear them. Before I set out, most of them didn't really mean anything to me - or maybe I even condemned them as inferior, dumb, or just plain uninteresting. But now I get a bit of that same joyful feeling that each school's fans get. These are fantastic pieces of American history. Thank goodness they're here forever. Yes, even you "Across the Field."


And because they didn't include it and I had the pleasure of hearing four different school marching bands play it, here's the oldest version of Tiger Rag I could find:

The new posting will be up soon. I promise!

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