Wednesday, August 26

Road Games College Pick 'Em

For long about ten years now, a group of us in Chicago have been playing Pick 'Em. Over the years, our group has gotten bigger and more diverse. We now have people playing on four continents (and I'm working on Asia!). I assume if anyone is actually reading this blog anymore, they know how this works. But just in case, here's the info:

Pick the winners from the AP Top 25 each week. Rank each game by how confident you are in your pick. You get points for each game you picked correctly. Whoever wins is the smartest. Sound like fun? Of course it does!

Click on this link to join!
Group ID#: 8332
Password: goblue

Obviously, if you're reading this it's in your RSS feed and you're shocked that I've posted anything here at all. Yes, regrettably it has been quite a while since I've had anything to say here. However, I have been busy writing in various other places, most notably Fighting the Youth and Reed's Ramblings. Furthermore, the college football season is just eight days away and the local futbol season began last weekend. So consider this post the declaration that Road Games will be up and running again very, very soon. Until then, saludos!

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