Friday, August 31


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This is how the game begins at Notre Dame. They do a similar thing at Michigan and various other Midwest schools. I have no idea if, say, the Clemson crowd participates in this kind of crescendo kickoff chorus. But I’m about to find out! The season is finally upon us, and all the planning finally comes to a head. For me and Pete Carroll. Today I depart for South Bend, Indiana and the big trip finally commences.

For months this day has merely been a number on a calendar. Something way off in the future which demanded attention, but only as a notion – a peek every so often. But now we’re off. On Wisconsin! I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am. It’s time to live for the moment. Finally. I honestly have no idea what awaits me. The only thing I’m certain of is that I am really going to see America. Time will tell what America chooses to show me. Roll Tide!

I’ve already had such a great response from the people I’ve met with. See the “Friends of the Program” on the right for a few kind souls who have provided me their time and expertise thus far. My biggest hope is that people continue to share in my excitement. While I already feel very fortunate, I have no reason to doubt this will continue. Fight On! I suppose I should be more confident about it – I’m want to meet people who love football and talk about football with them. Who’s not up for that? I guess my main point is, you’ve seen my itinerary in The Big Plan, and if I’m coming to your neck of the woods, give me a shout and let’s talk shop. Go Big Red!

It’s now quite clear that the very first step in this process should have been to book hotels. I am making arrangements quite late in the game, especially considering some of the major games I’ve chosen. For both Clemson and Nebraska, I had to make reservations about 20 miles outside of town. Hook ‘Em, Horns! For Notre Dame it's even farther – I almost decided to come back home on Friday night and get an early start Saturday as it’s only a couple hours from here. I am staying with friends along the way when I can, something I’m most excited about. R U Rah Rah! What a great excuse to see some old faces. Perhaps I’ll give couch surfing a go, though I don’t know how conducive that will be to reviewing notes and getting some writing done.

So it’s time to get started. Do I have what I need? Am I really ready? It doesn’t much matter. It is go time. Come on Gators, Get Up and Go! Whatever isn’t ready by now can wait. I’ve bought all I need to buy, reserved all I need to reserve, and hopefully made enough contacts to at least get me through the first set of games. OH…IO! Now it’s just time to make it all happen. If you find yourself on my path, let me know and let’s meet up. The road may prove to be a lonesome place, and I’m eagerly seeking any friendly faces. Kickoff in Notre Dame Stadium is at 3:30 tomorrow, but for me kickoff is right now. Go Blue!

And for good measure… Geaux Tigers! Boomer Sooner! Whoo Pig Sooie! Fight Tigers Fight Dammit Fight Fight Fight! War Eagle!

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2nd City King said...

Watching the start of the game right no and I am so jealous you are there!

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