Tuesday, January 22

Blogger Awards

For anyone who writes one, it is a commonly held belief that blogging is its own reward. It won't make you famous. It likely won't earn you any money. It certainly won't get you any chicks. I can personally attest that this is all true.

However, the one thing it may get you is the admiration of your peers. The community of college football bloggers is one that is supportive and friendly. I was able to experience this as well as anyone while out on the road. I once again urge you to visit the Friends of the Program at the top right. For the second year in a row, the community is trying to honor bloggers who gave it their all this season and produced tears of laughter, empathy, or just plain insightful content. Full detail of this endeavor can be found here. Readers are encouraged to submit nominations for any college football blogs, and Brian has set up an easy-to-use gizmo. Please don't get the gizmo wet or feed it after midnight. Also, do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

Without further ado, here are the Road Games nominations for the 2007 CFBA:

Funniest Blog
Danny Ford is God - Totally irreverent and partisan in the best possible way. They'll hate on the opponent's mascot if they have to. "Dumb Shit on Tigernet" is an excellent ongoing feature, and they always manage to dig up ridiculous random hilarity like this, this, and unfortunately this.

Also, Every Day Should Be Saturday for all the obvious reasons (though they're not eligible as they won the category last year).

Best Community
d3football.com - I am sure that most D-I blogs have not given D-III much thought beyond Trinity's 15 lateral astonishing finish. However, if there is any justice, d3football.com will win this award going away. Their Post Patterns message board is one of the main ways that fans around the country get news on other teams. There is no D-III Sportscenter, after all. I spoke above about the blogging community being a brotherhood of sorts. The same could be said for D-III football fans. Post Patterns is merely a starting place for many of them. Long-term friendships have followed. Lucky for me, I was able to attend this year's Stagg Bowl, the D-III championship game, and met scores of fans who wouldn't have been there if it weren't for the message boards. It's a whole different level of community.
Nine teams are represented in this photo alone

Best Youtube
I have to go with Autumn Thunder's Mike Hart for Heisman video. Cracked me up again and again, especially the shot of him holding pizzas.

That and absolutely everything LSU Freek did, wherever the heck he's located.

The Job Award
Midwest Coast Bias has chugged along, continuing to put out quality content and podcasts in the face of the most trying season Nebraska has likely ever endured. Unlike Notre Dame, Nebraska has been completely ignored by the community at large, and with good reason. They've been an awful team this year. But MCB has kept things rolling for the entire decline into irrelevancy. They've covered the ongoing malaise in Lincoln with equal parts incredulity and optimism, always coming with a direct attitude. I don't think anyone's stuck it out better in a worse situation in '07. Cheers to them for soldiering on.


Kevin McGuire said...

As a very loyal member of the D2football.com community I was pleasantly surprised to see your nomination for D3football.com! I believe that the statements you made about D3 could be said for the folks of D2 as well.

I was about to nominate D2football.com but I was under the impression that the community award was specifically for a blog. I already made my nomination but will remember D2 for next year's awards!

Coach Ross said...

Nothing in the world of football like the D3 community

steve said...

The most show stopping is the D3 Community and is indeed better than D 1 and D2.. My conscience says D3 will take over the award..
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Anonymous said...

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