Monday, January 21

Haiku Review, Part I

Before I forget everything that happened this season, I’m taking a look back at every state I visited this fall. There are 43 in all, and I’ll have a new posting each day this week. I thought about writing a paragraph for each state. However, due to time constraints (mine and yours) I am keeping verbosity in check and utilizing the haiku. Some will be a bit tongue in cheek, but all are from the heart. Each photo was taken from behind the wheel of a moving car, which was rather foolish of me. It is also the explanation for the blurriness of certain states.

I fought exhaustion
War Eagle welcomed me, but
Mongrel had me scared

Grand Canyon indeed
One intrinsic conclusion
Nothing more awesome

Scary weather was
Nothing compared to germ filled
Burrito outcome

At end of my rope
SC fans know how to fete
“This is South Central”

Pricey tolls peeved me
Denver area bypass
That no one uses

An old nemesis
Always a difficult drive
Nearly peed my pants

Visit all too brief
Wesley College next time ‘round
In corporate land

J-ville felt sterile
Dawgs barked, Gators chomped, I gorged
SEC love-fest

Most billboards per mile
A sweet hangout OTP
Athens again please

Tumbling knolls gave way
To unbearable odor
Cows are really gross

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