Wednesday, January 23

Haiku Review, Part III

Sorry this post is up a bit late today. I was interviewing SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. Nice guy. I'll figure out what I can share with everyone from the conversation and post here if appropriate. On with the review! Again, refer to the initial posting for info about this feature.

Blurred shot apropos
St. John’s merits a visit
Before it gets cold

I met you lonely
Frustration with all of it
Life’s a slower pace

Dad’s alma mater
Best season ever, but I
Only scooted through

Grandma said go on
Five hundred thirty five miles
That’s a big damn state

A warm reception
Until my faulty ticket
Nearly caused a fight

Did my own gambling
With the sheriff’s radar gun
It’s a sucker bet

Hosting number 2
Young brash fan base kept it clean
Rushed the field again!

Sparse to say the least
Something poetic in the
Lonely little towns

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