Monday, January 28

Haiku Review, Part V

Last round of these. Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, and Vermont, you'll all have to wait for the next excursion since I didn't see ya this time.

The Hill’s built to thrill
I found mine in Knoxville with
Tons of joyful Vols

Dallas sprawl and smog
Texas weather at state fair
Such deep-fried goodness

You can’t comprehend
The Salt Flats’ beauty unless
You’ve been there yourself

Three lines can’t describe
Exuberance of D-3
Visit Stone Station!

The hardest I worked
Many were too cool for school
A grand old venue

My two quick pass-throughs
Bolstered the stereotypes
Before AD did

Rowdy or vulgar
Bucky loves a good party
My hosts gave me one

It’s oh so vacant
The more I think about it
My ticket’s BS

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