Tuesday, January 22

Haiku Review, Part II

Hey that rhymes! See yesterday's initial post for what this is all about.

Never realized
Quite how long my home state is
And I longed for it

First stop on the trip
Domers showed me much kindness
My favorite tattoo

White knuckled skidding
Des Moines was first safe haven
God’s will was obeyed

Sky fascinated
Breathtaking moon and stars shone
Not a daytime state*

Bluegrass abounded
Between hills, dales, and cut rock
Horse farms a plenty

An all day party
Tiguhs roared into the night
Let the good times roll!

Thickest fog I found
Despite only a pit stop
Thought “I could live here”

Two days all too short
For long ago stomping grounds
Great fun anyway

Homecoming weekend
A truly amazing time
‘Cept the football game

*Missed the Kansas sign, and only had one crack at it. What can I say, the state snuck up on me!

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