Thursday, September 6

Friendly Faces in New Places

Odometer: 1125
Location: Clarkston, GA
States visited: Georgia

First a couple of tidbits left over from the Clemson trip. Rather than occupying houses off campus, most of the fraternities at Clemson all live in a quad – basically dorms, but all the dorms in the quad are faternities. For the last several years (either five or fifteen, depending on who I was talking to), they were not allowed to have “tailgates” before games. Something about too much underage drinking or some such thing. Monday marked the return of the quad’s tailgate. To make sure they had really did it up, a Led Zeppelin cover band named Zoso was hired to play the party. They ripped it up despite the lead singer’s bald spot, and the crowd really got into it. It was an odd scene. It was like ten fraternity parties all fell on top of one another and joined to form an amorphous blob of a frat party. Also, the fraternity guys dress in shirts and ties for the game, while the sorority girls wear sundresses. Often times, the shirts and dresses are orange.
My dad sent me a press release that talked about Clemson trying to step up recycling on gameday. Part of me is glad to hear it, while another part of me says, “well, it’s about damn time!” There actually were a fair amount of blue bins around, but nowhere near what they actually need because there are so many tailgate areas. Anyway, as you can see, the amorphous fraternity blob did its part:
I snapped a (somewhat fuzzy) picture of Bobby Bowden doing absolutely nothing near the end of the first half. This is pretty much how he looked the whole game. At least he’s a good recruiter, right?
On my way to Atlanta, I stopped in Athens, Georgia since the UGA game I’m going to is going to be in Jacksonville. They had a really cool downtown that reminded me a lot of Ann Arbor, but with more bars. I hung out there all afternoon and envisioned how much fun it would be to spend a weekend there. The campus wasn’t as nice (at least the parts I saw), but with such a cool downtown, who cares? One major difference was that one of the Bulldog paraphernalia stores didn’t merely have the typical t-shirts, stickers and Jordan jammers. They carried sun dresses in UGA colors. Not gonna see this in Big Ten country. Then again, I defy any of these women to wear a sun dress to Camp Randall stadium in November…
Another reason I was so psyched for this trip is that I’m going to get to see a lot of old friends who have left Chicago or are friends from even longer ago. Tuesday evening, I arrived at Erik & Chrissy’s Dander Palace in Clarkston, GA. It’s just barely OTP (outside the perimeter), making technically, but also figuratively suburbs. Erik and Chrissy are not "suburb people," but they have two very large dogs and three cats. They managed to land a really cool house with a gigantic yard which is great for the dogs. Why am I telling you this? I just wanted to show off my new Atlanta lingo. Because I was only there for a couple days and everyone had a lot of work to do, we didn’t really go ITP. But they were excellent hosts and we had a hilarious time retelling old stories and looking up subversive terms on Wikipedia. Maybe next time.

Now it’s off to Baton Rouge for what purports to be the biggest game on the schedule this week. I can not wait to get down there. Geuax Tigers! And Hokies, too!

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