Friday, September 7

First SI Tailgate Report Is Up

In addition to the blog and the eventual book, I'm also doing a little freelance work for's On Campus section. That has helped a little bit in dealing with the more reluctant interviewees, especially when it comes to taking photos of them. There will be one of these per week, and the Notre Dame edition is now posted up on the SI On Campus wesbsite.

So give it a click and let me know what you think. I'm just glad they ended up using the Saddam Hussein tattoo... Direct link to the column can be found here.


2nd City King said...

A B-! I'd expect no less from a Michigan fan. You simply can't take an unbiased view that Notre Dame is the greatest place on earth! I have met the great Dan Rather, and you sir are no Dan Rather!

Nice article though...
P.S. I have many reasons for hating Michigan, that was just the one that fit best in the space allowed.

Anonymous said...

Well crafted article my friend. Personally, I found your marks a little high. A 'C' on eye candy? Unless you're grading the amount of candy a Notre Dame-Dame consumed in front of your own eyes, a 'C' is a little biased. Can you give a 'NC' mark for No Credit?

The Chi$co

Reed said...

Good to hear from you Chi$o. Actually, we're adjusting the grades a little bit (mostly increases). Now that I've been more places, I can calibrate the Notre Dame grades a bit better. One of the grades (slightly) increasing is Eye Candy. No idea why Notre Dame girls get a bad rap. There were a lot of cute ones. They just don't get all gussied up.

Anonymous said...

Sweet that you got an SI spot!

As for the eye candy grades, I think the Clemson girls in sundresses look like they sets a pretty steep curve.

Anyway, interesting posts so far. I think the SI column is good too.

Scott H

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