Wednesday, December 5

Risky Business

All right gang,

I'm leaving San Francisco for Chicago early in the morning. I have a window where there appears to be no snow for one day. The plan is to get from SF to Cheyenne. It's 16 hours over the mountains. Wish me and the Corolla and Grandma luck. None of you people in Wyoming do any rain dances tonight, 'kay?

USC posting and further punditry to appear in this space upon my safe return home. Keep watching SI On Campus for tailgating insights and evaluation.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for joining me on this amazing journey. See you on the other side of the divide.


Anonymous said...

Well done, Andrew. Just watch out for those scouts on the reservations - and also for the Idaho-Wyoming state cops who pounce on speeding Corollas.
We'll keep the light on for you.

Anonymous said...

great to see you in the bay, hope your journey home is an easy one.

kafka said...

dammit, that last comment wasn't supposed to be anonymous

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