Monday, December 17

Stagg Bowl Highlights

I'm not sure who put this together, but they did a bangup job. For those of you who missed the game, catch most of the significant highlights here. The moment comes at 8:30 and still gives me chills.


SJU_Nick said...

It appears that this outstanding highlight video was put together by a Linfield fan. I think that fits in nicely with all of the fans from different schools you saw at the Stagg Bowl.

I enjoy the blog, and am very happy to see that you enjoy D-III so much.

wildcat11 said...

I'm that Linfield fan. I run a Linfield fan site

Putting together the clip (even if it doesn't involve Linfield) is just my way in paying respect to these kids that work so hard to get to the top of the DIII Mountain.

Enjoy your blog!

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