Monday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I was very clear when envisioning the goal and substance of this site that I didn’t want it to be one of those, “here’s what I’m up to” blogs. But with the offseason upon all of us, and nothing to write about save for meaningless Terrelle Pryor speculation, I thought I would go ahead say here’s what I’m up to. (Plus, you gotta love any sentence that ends with two prepositions.)

The knee is quite literally kicking ass. I can bend it far enough to touch heel to butt, which feels far more liberating than it probably should. I am walking without a limp and able to go up and down stairs with ease which is even more liberating as I live on the third floor. The weather in Chicago has been so lousy this winter, perhaps I picked the best time to be incarcerated by the healing process, anyway. In sum, I’m ahead of schedule and fully expect to be running around again in six months (if all continues to go well, knockonwood, yaddayaddayadda). In the end, all I’ll have to show for this is a few small scars and significant medical bills.
These friends didn't recognize me (even before all those beers)

The beard is coming along nicely. It wasn’t supposed to get this far. I had a milestone set up for myself and figured it would be hit at least two weeks ago. I’ve yet to hit it. But I do keep plugging away at the book. It’s quite a process. Stew wasn’t kidding. Ideally, I’ll be getting rid of this thing by this weekend. The irony is that I have been writing about the Smoky Mountains and I am starting to resemble one of the Oak Ridge Boys.
The Oak Ridge Boys. Just 'cause.

If any football developments or travel-related news arise, you can expect me to weigh in on it here. I will likely put out a few more thoughts and musings on the past season. The only real story: Everyone can’t wait for next season – even the good folks in South Bend. In the meanwhile, the sister-blog, Fighting the Youth, is up and running with at least a couple postings every week. The topics are wholly different, but hey it’s the offseason. Aside from Orson's Fulmer Cup updates, there's not much to read anyway.


Kozy said...

holy christ!
you look like the bass player in an emo band!

abacus-rex said...

Dear Jesus,
Happy Easter. I hear you are coming down from heavens and gracing the humble land of the Netherlands ... in April. Since you're a Jew, it only makes sense that you come to visit for us Passover. Please bring some Manishevitz.


Anonymous said...

Holy Mohammed,
frankly, you look just like any other guy with a beard - but you'll get over it. Better shave it, they may stop you at the Dutch border.

Willy Mac said...

Keep the beard... just my opinion Grizzly Adams.

Chili said...

I saw where you made a post on Tigernet asking for info on the slope of the hill. Have you tried contacting the Clemson SID?

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